A Short Conversation


She looks out the window to cold hard skies that scrape the ceiling of the world and fade into the early morning. Continue reading “Yellow”


Maybe Continue reading “Mud”

Tomorrow I Will

There is a man who works in the post office Continue reading “Tomorrow I Will”


I pull. In and out of it and wrap myself in the thunder that surrounds it. Continue reading “Pull”


They have all forgotten to move or to breathe. Continue reading “Think”


Loneliness came calling in the dead of night for her. Continue reading “Snow”

Put Me Back

If you listen closely you can hear the churning. Continue reading “Put Me Back”


It would seem that we have arrived at an impasse.  Continue reading “Re-Glued”

Love Like The Dark

The hardest piece of advice I have ever received goes like this: “Never use anyone else to dilute your own loneliness”. Continue reading “Love Like The Dark”

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