A Short Conversation

Moon Crisp

Heart in the dark, sitting in the corner waiting for someone to come to the window. Continue reading “Moon Crisp”

The Beginning

The wind came in through the window and made a whistling sound as it shot through the glass. Continue reading “The Beginning”

The Things Of Us

I’m so damn angry, at the way things have turned out, at the poison that just came out of my mouth. Continue reading “The Things Of Us”


If she knew, it was only because the noise in her head had quieted for a moment.  Continue reading “Grip”

Fingers Fly

I am in a holed up space barely breathing. My limbs refuse to move and my hands they sit unused on my lap. Continue reading “Fingers Fly”


A hand is outstretched, it’s morning in the middle of nowhere. Continue reading “Others”

The Jar Heart

I set aside a time to rage Continue reading “The Jar Heart”


It is seven in the morning, and everything is falling apart. Continue reading “Mirrors”


She looks out the window to cold hard skies that scrape the ceiling of the world and fade into the early morning. Continue reading “Yellow”

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