There is a Man on Mars, he looks at everything out of big goggles. He sits on a throne in the middle of the red sands and he has a camera that lets him see everything going on down here.

There is a Man on Mars with big red hands and he looks down on the people of the earth and he eats flaming hot Cheetos out of a bag that they have sent from the space station on drone ships.

It’s all he asks, really, and can you blame him, they’re damn tasty. There is a Man on Mars and he looks at all the people and all the things and he has a sceptre and he waves it around like everybody is watching him but nobody is watching him.

He lives alone on Mars and he had to pass eight hundred examinations in order to get there and that’s why he is allowed all of these flamboyant requests. He sits there on his throne encased in a bubble that is pumping oxygen into his lungs but the truth is he has become useless to the space station that sent him there.

He is lonely, lonely and out of his mind but it would just cost too much money to come get him you see so they give him bags of flaming hot Cheetos and let him sit on a throne with a metal sceptre made out of the old parts of his ship and they give him access to the earth so that he feels like he’s not alone.

The Man on Mars signed his life away with a ballpoint pen that you can buy at the drug store. The man on Mars has lost his marbles and they’re lying across the floor of the station.

The man on Mars sings Twinkle Little Star to himself at the top of his lungs because nobody will hear him anyway. There was once a man who lived on the earth and his name was Jason and he wanted to be recorded in the history books.

He wasn’t smart enough to make history, couldn’t even fix his damn microwave, but he was just stupid enough to be the Man On Mars. 

A Short Conversation is a collection of stories, thoughts, and general musing. I like to write like I'm slamming a door; loudly, and with purpose.

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