In a haunted moment I wait for time to stop moving but it doesn’t. The clocks tick and tock all over my house and I listen to the time pass because moments are soothing things that we break off and toss down over bridges and underwater.

Time, ticking and rocking and moving only forward as we attempt to both grasp it and plan for its uncertain length.

We have been cyclically moving throughout the city with our tightened belts and old sneakers. Walking into the pharmacy and trying on new things that make us feel better about the time that is passing and the time we are wasting.

I saw a man the other day in line at the grocery store, and he was very tall and his pants were too short and he asked the cashier if he looked okay.

He called her “ma’am” and looked at her with hopeful eyes that broke my heart and she said, “sure kid” which I don’t think was the answer he was looking for.

He was wearing a tie and Nikes, and I thought it was strange so I paid and I followed him into down the street and into an alleyway where he put his gym bag on a dumpster and took out a camera and a microphone.

There was a man in a construction hat drilling away and he looked and he said “Sir, do you think I look okay.”

The man nodded with a sort of grunt while the tall and lanky man in the short pants fixed his afro and looked into the camera and said “coming to you live”.

I think he may have been twenty years old and I kept walking,  I kept walking and looked around and hoped that in the video he looked okay. 

A Short Conversation is a collection of stories, thoughts, and general musing. I like to write like I'm slamming a door; loudly, and with purpose.

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