A Short Conversation


100 Words

When We Were Young

Sometimes your words are better said by someone else, and sometimes writing just isn’t enough.¬†For those who have been following me on here for quite some time now, I haven’t ever posted something like this, but sometimes the mood just demands it, and maybe you writers will appreciate a bit of melody. Thanks for listening.



Stuck in this Continue reading “Nerve”


I saw your picture yesterday beside the bus stop. Continue reading “Big”

Maybe I Am

There’s an emptiness sweeping the valleys between my finger tips. Continue reading “Maybe I Am”

Paper Hearts

It waxed and waned

And moved about

Ignoring the words

From my open mouth Continue reading “Paper Hearts”

DJ Never Let Me Go

So I asked her if she thought the sun rose and set with us, if we could love like it was the end of the word. You know, like there was no tomorrow? Continue reading “DJ Never Let Me Go”

If I Ruled The World

They asked me what I would do if I ruled the world, Continue reading “If I Ruled The World”

When I Love You The Most

In the light of day Continue reading “When I Love You The Most”

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