A Short Conversation


short story


It is seven in the morning, and everything is falling apart. Continue reading “Mirrors”


He broke gaze after thirty seconds, he knew because there was a clock on the wall right behind her head ticking away the hours they had spent there in the dark deciding if they were good for each other anymore. Continue reading “Hesitate”

The Invincible Man

In the corner store, 3501, is where I found him this time. Continue reading “The Invincible Man”

Nobody Gets

It didn’t take much to figure it out, it just fell out Continue reading “Nobody Gets”

A Note On The Docks

I will not be forgotten. Continue reading “A Note On The Docks”


It’s not past seven but the day is dark, a slow trickle of rain coming through the window. Continue reading “Clawed”

The Lonely

It was cold out. Not too cold out, but the wind was predictably chill this time of year and everyone knew it too. Continue reading “The Lonely”

Six Chances

It was an inevitability, the crack of a hand across her face. Continue reading “Six Chances”

The Black

It was the kind of thing adrenaline junkies live for, and contrary to what the diving instructors of Acona will tell you, it most certainly was not an urban legend. Continue reading “The Black”

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