We were daydreamers on the run she said

A night of fun in an unfamiliar bed

We stood our backs turned to the wind

We reeked of late nights filled with sin

And every dollar that came our way

We passed along through words we say

And there really was no sense in following up

Of lighting a cigarette or saying enough

But that’s the way of the world she would say

You drown all your senses in the everyday

The mundanity changes becomes a different story

She said she was full of an unholy glory

Come slowly and quickly and don’t ask me questions

The answers will move you will break your conventions

But I promise you darling one day I’ll confess

I’ll walk down your aisle in a little white dress

And ill marry the silence that brought me right here

And I’ll cry and pretend I haven’t lived all these years

That those things never happened and they all fade away

Sit down with me darling I might start to pray

In the light of the windows through the cracks in the floor

We wait for the bell to ring

We wait for something more

But the truth of the matter is the sun cant shine through

Boarded up windows from a room with no view

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