They asked me what I would do if I ruled the world,and the answer was neither powerful nor impressive. They asked me what I would do if I ruled the world, and all I know is I would find you. I would make a declaration that they would put in the news, I would scour the edges and make everything a mess until I found you. Because it cannot be possible that one night in December decided everything for us. I would make it impossible for people to change their numbers or all their addresses. I would stop the busses from leaving and the planes from taking off.  We wouldn’t have argued if I ruled the world, we wouldn’t have been getting evicted. We would have been warm in a king size bed by the beach somewhere if I ruled the world. And if I ever did I’d find you, and even though I don’t I’ll keep trying. So when they ask what I would do if I ruled the world I don’t answer, and instead take out that photo we took on the mountain top, and that seems to be enough.

If I Ruled the World