It waxed and waned

And moved about

Ignoring the words

From my open mouth

Allowing the heat

To push on through

Allowing the leave

Of all summer dew

And sometimes it went

Alone for some time

And I begged

Have pity on this little heart of mine

But it did not

It laughed

With its rare half smile

Goodbye my love

Ill see you in a little while

And sometimes I wait

Even though you don’t come

And sometimes I linger

Say goodbye to the sun

We are all made of paper

With little paper hearts

But go up in flames

With the smallest of sparks

We are all made of paper

Looking at a paper moon

In a paper summer

In a paper June

We are all made of paper

Which is why our hearts burn

Let the flames flicker

There is no hope for return

And the embers die down

And I wave my white flag

My ample surrender as I watch my feet drag