Since I started this blog, I have found myself overwhelmed with the amount of positive feedback and just general awesome conversations from readers and other bloggers. I love going to new sites and finding great pieces that I wanted to share, but I always found the repost method to be quite cumbersome, and that I couldn’t format things the way I liked soooo, I’m starting this weekly feature post. Each week one post will have my favourite posts, pretty much things I enjoyed reading or thought were particularly poignant. Here are my picks from this week. Also if you have posts you’d like me to share please link to them in the comments!

The Love of Si and Cri By Elaina JensenA beautiful myth with wonderful imagery.

I’m Crazy By PCHADZ: Raw and full of unabashed truth.

Rust By Thefoxdraws:  Short and thought provoking.

Dear Daughter By Michelle ToussaintThe flow of this is exquisite, the sadness truly felt.

Piece By Piece By Amy KahnSo inherently fucked up, so grotesquely good.