She’s the kind of girl you wish about but fail to see beyond her smile

A science to her in and out that makes you want to stay a while

When you find yourself wrapped in her midst

You can be taken over by her kiss

But fall to deep you’ll be overcome by a wonderful regret

Her eyes a deep ocean blue, but stare too long, you’ll drown not knowing who the person you once fell for was

She’s not like the other birds

She thinks in like a thousand words, and puts you in your place when she feels like it

She’ll catch you by your dropping tongue

Make you unsing the song you sung

And leave you with nothing but a speechless ballad

If she knew the man of who I’ve come to be, I’d make her rue the day she showed up with her veil of beauty

But why do I want more

I don’t think want more

To spill out my thoughts I can’t conceive, would be untouched I dare believe

I feel as though this story has no end

It’s not of love it’s of a wondrous pretend

Who I think I want and what I want with them

She’s the kind of girl who moves you, her essence draws to confuse you

More often than not, you wish she would lose you.

Jake is our first A Short Conversation guest blogger. If you would like to guest blog please contact us through the contact link in the main menu.

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